Manifesto for Mayoral Candidates – May 2016

We have produced a Manifesto for 2016 Mayoral Elections setting out key questions for the elections on May 5th. This is part of our Space for Cycling campaign. You can add your voice to the campaign by signing the petition. See also our manifesto for candidates standing for the Council, and for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Manifesto for Mayoral Candidates

  • Cycling is good for Bristol – and more cycling is better

  • 8 in 10 people want Bristol to be better for cycling

  • Two thirds of people consider cycling too risky for them

  • People want protection from intimidating motor traffic

  • Sharing with pedestrians can be uncomfortable for both

  • Bristol aims to achieve 20% cycling by 2020 with huge benefits for all

  • The only proven way to deliver this is to provide a continuous and dedicated cycling network, to Triple A standards – for All Ages and Abilities.

Our Mayor and council must have a transforming vision for cycling, and the political will to make it easy for our choices to be good for us and good for our city. We are calling on candidates to create Space for Cycling, for the benefit of everyone.

Questions for Candidates on specific priorities

  1. Will you create protected Space for Cycling on the Gloucester Rd?

  2. Will you support a Living Heart for Bristol by removing through motor traffic from Anchor Rd, Park St, Haymarket, Baldwin St and Prince St?

  3. Will you set up a Space for Cycling Inner Loop connecting Clifton Triangle, St James Barton, Temple Circus, Redcliffe roundabout, new Arnolfini Bridge and Jacob’s Wells roundabout?

General Questions for Candidates

  1. Will you plan to Get Bristol Moving by making the best use of the limited capacity of our streets and roads so that 80% of trips can be healthy and sustainable (40% walking, 20% public transport, and 20% cycling)?

  2. Will you prioritise Funding for Cycling with sustained investment of £16 per head, and an aspiration for £25 per head? Also ensure that 10% of the council transport budget delivers clear benefits for cycling.

  3. Will you open up our Streets for All through a ‘good transport plan’ in every neighbourhood? Residential areas should have low speeds, continuous pavements across side streets, no rat running and all streets open for cycling.

  4. Will you take every opportunity to create Space for Cycling on busy or fast roads and junctions, with ‘Triple A’ standards for All Ages and Abilities, so that there are safe routes to school, to work, to shop, and to green spaces?

  5. Will you plan for Living Hearts for the centre and our neighbourhoods? This means public spaces at the centres of our neighbourhoods where people are the priority, and are not dominated by through motor traffic.