Police and Crime Commissioner elections 2021

At the same time as the elections for the Mayor and Councillors, there’s an election for a new Police and Crime Commissioner. He or she will be responsible for overseeing the performance of Avon and Somerset Police who are in charge of enforcing traffic laws on our roads. We’ve asked each of the five candidates their views on:

  • Tackling the high number of cyclng casualties on Bristol’s roads
  • The low level of enforcement action against dangerous drivers
  • The need for more resources to investigate bad driving and to keep cyclists informed about outcomes
  • More transparencey from the police in publishing information on their performance in tackling bad driving

Here are the replies we’ve received to help you decide who to vote for:

Kerry Barker, Labour Party candidate

Cleo Lake, Green Party candidate

Heather Shearer, Liberal Democrat Party candidate

Mark Shelford, Conservative Party candidate

John Smith, Independent candidate